Since 2017, DomainTools users have been able to leverage the power of Farsight Security® Inc.’s DNSDB Passive DNS service within DomainTools’s Iris Investigative Platform. DomainTools supports two DNSDB integration models:

Once passive DNS has been activated in your Iris account an additional “pDNS” tab will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the window:


Click on it to see the interface shown. You’re then ready to make DNSDB passive DNS queries from that interface.

Example Queries and Associated Output

Example 1: Find all IP addresses used by the fully qualified domain name


Example 2: Find All the Domain Names Using the Nameserver


Example 3. Some of the Diverse Record Types Seen for ** over a two day period.


Differences Between The DomainTools Integration And Typical DNSDB API Reference Client Implementations

Users who are already familiar with DNSDB will find accessing passive DNS from within Iris to be straight forward for the most part, but there are a few idiosyncrasies you’ll nonetheless want to note.

Data Sources

The Iris passive DNS integration was built with the ability to use passive DNS from more than one passive DNS provider. Users who are purchasing service through DomainTools can choose “all” sources by default, or you can select just a single specific source (such as Farsight’s DNSDB, which will always be Source “D” in the interface).

Search Interface


To choose between searching RRnames (“left-hand side” of DNS resource records) vs Rdata (“right-hand side” of DNS resource records), toggle the “Search By” arrow in the upper right area of the window:



For Pricing and more information about the DomainTools Iris Integration with Farsight’s DNSDB please contact:

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