About DNSDB Plus

DNSDB Plus provides access to a set of data not normally available in the standard DNSDB product. This data covers a collection of highly volatile short-lived and often single use data generated by services like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). These records have little or no long-term value to investigators and so are filtered from the DNSDB database to manage data storage and query record sizes.

DNSDB Plus is available to DNSDB Unlimited customers who need to investigate this type of DNS activity. DNSDB Plus is offered via the same API, tools and API key used by your current subscription.

To the user or programmer, DNSDB Plus is DNSDB, which means that any workflows or scripting you’ve done to work with DNSDB will work with DNSDB Plus. Access to the data is via the endpoint https://plus.dnsdb.info/.

Please note that DNSDB Plus requires use of DNSDB API Version 2 and does not support the Flexible Search capabilities. For information on the DNSDB API Version 2 please see:

This service only includes the new data sets; you will still use your existing DNSDB Unlimited subscription to access the standard DNSDB data. The data in DNSDB Plus is retained for a limited time, covering the previous 30 days. Both DNS and DNSSEC records are available in DNSDB Plus.

DNSDB Plus is available to existing DSNDB Unlimited customers at no extra charge. If you are interested in a demo, trial, or wish to have this service provisioned to your account, please contact your Farsight Sales Representative.

Domains that are available via DNSDB Plus include:

Note that these domains will be seen in the primary DNSDB database, but any subdomains or labels of these will only be found in the Plus database.

If you have a specific domain you want to see included in DNSDB Plus, please contact your Farsight representative.

Managing your DNSDB Quota

If you have both a standard DNSDB API key and also a DNSDB API Block Query key, it can make sense to use the standard key until you exhaust the quota, then switch to the Block Query key. We have published a script on Farsight Labs that shows how do to this as a starting point to implementing this function in your own tools. See:

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